Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Mission

We read about the newest diet craze called Six Weeks to OMG by Venice A Fulton.  We bought the book, and liked what we read.

Challenge accepted!

In the tabs above you will find photos and stats of our progress, diet tips and journals about our daily food intake and exercise.



  1. Hi, new follower from GoodReads! Love these diet tips, looks like I need to grab a balloon!

    I would love a follow back at


  2. Thanks Candace! Checked it out and followed you back. :)

  3. are you going to be posting your tract i will be back. check your blog maybe i will do it.

  4. We are posting food, exercise and our progress! Check the tabs at the top of the page. :)

  5. I am pretty close to your height and size Christina and also on day two :) I am doing Quake. It will be nice to follow along with you girls since we started at the same time. I was very tired today until I ate my 2nd meal, which was at 6pm so it's my last one as well. Hoping to have lots more energy tomorrow!

  6. I'm hoping that everyday will be easier :). I'm use to snacking all day long, so this is an adjustment for me. Also, the large meals make feel like I am going to bust at the seams! But I want to make sure I'm eating enough to last me till my next meal. I suggest making sure you get all three of your meals!

  7. I agree, I'm sure that extra meal will help. Mon thru Thu I will be able to get in those 3 pom's and meals since I get up at 4:45am. Today, I have a ton of energy, big difference from yesterday so I hope it stay's. I feel like I could move mountains :)

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