Kimberly's Progress

Week Four: August 27, 2012
Weight: 150lbs
(pictures were taken after I already had breakfast & lunch  and snack cause I forgot to do it this morning.)

Week Three: August 18, 2012
Weight: 155lbs

My Bathing Suit is too big now! When I walk the bottoms fall off! I've lost my butt and a lot of my boobs.
Before there was no way I would take a side picture cause my stomach was too big. Now I'm not embarrased too! Big improvement.
No butt though. :-(  Saggy drawers. LOL
I do wish my butt and boobs woud come back.
I lost my tan too. I also need that back! haha!

Week Two: August 11, 2012
Weight: 158lbs

I've lost 2" from my stomach!

Week One: August 4th, 2012    
Height: 5'11" - Weight:160lbs

Note: I'm starting this blog on August 4th but I've actually been on this plan since July 30th. My Weight on July 29th was 175lbs.


  1. go you! i too have just read the book and am about to start:)

  2. Well done Kimberly - your results in three weeks are amazing. Keep it up!